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This package is a collection of the best of Pastor Goodman’s works of more than 20 years. It contains anointed books, audio and video messages plus outlines and newsletters of this great vessel of God. Order for yours now.

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Collector's Pack
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Victory Capsules Partners help us to spread the anointed devotional and Bible Study guide every month by purchasing extra copies of Victory Capsules and distributing to their loved ones and friends. Start your partnership today and help us reach thousands of souls!

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You can help us in spreading the good news of God’s kingdom by becoming a regular partner of our ministry by donating partnership seed every month. Your monthly partnership seed will go a long way to help us to spread Victory Capsules around the world; preach the uncompromising Word on every media; empower the underprivileged to experience God’s love.

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Download Pastor Goodman’s Audio/Video Messages

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