One great lesson I’ve learnt is never to speed or rush through life. Don’t be in competition with anybody. There is a reason why you meet bumps, bends and traffic lights along your journey through life. Slow down when it is required. Negotiate the necessary bends, enjoy the scenes as you go. There’s a lesson God wants to teach you with every seeming impediment along the journey!


I know so many people who hate to use any road where there are traffic lights, speed brakes or bumps and traffic policemen. As far as they are concerned, all of those are mere waste of time. However, if you take a critical look, you will find out there are many things to gain by following the rules.

Spiritually speaking, all the seeming delays of life are for a reason. Without certain delays, you may perhaps have entered into real troubles that you didn’t foresee were coming. This is why you shouldn’t be in a haste to boycott rules. You may be saving your life by obeying inward intuition, your conscience or red lights that turn on within you!