The LORD knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity — Psalm 94:11

God’s prescription to anyone who desires success from Him is to begin by developing interest in His Word: by meditating in His Word day and night; confessing His Word, and paying attention to His Word as “…unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.”

However, the opposite has been found to be the case from generation to generation. People generally don’t respond to God because they are naturally not interested in God or about the things of God.
This is because since the fall of Adam, man died spiritually, and became a mere creature of logic, bristling with pride and vanity.

The fallen nature of man is a sort of magnet that naturally snaps to vanity. This explains why the most watched television channels are the ones containing nudity, get-rich-quick reality shows, talent hunts, violence, crime, and what have you!


Let’s Discuss

  1. Can you read the text scripture today by heart? How relevant is this scripture to our study of today?
  2. “Man naturally responds to vanity”. What do you understand by this statement?
  3. In connection with your explanation in question 2 above, why does man naturally respond to vanity?
  4. From today’s study, what is the origin of vanity?
  5. Give examples of what makes it evident that man’s fallen nature naturally snaps to vanity.
  6. Is it possible for man to consciously choose to walk away from vanity?
  7. How can you refuse to responds to vanity naturally?


In Jesus Name, I refuse to naturally respond to vanity. I consciously develop a godly orientation to life; and I respond to the things of the Spirit by faith – as an act of the will.